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Section insights

Deep dive in the sections' metrics and neurofeedback.
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Section metrics

When you have selected a section (like 'Homepage'), the metrics will show in the blue box:

  • Section performance: shows a relative score (from 1 to 10) of how this page performed within this test. A high score indicates that this page performed relatively well compared to other pages within this test and a low score indicates that this page performed relatively poor and thus needs analysis for improvement opportunities.
  • Participant hit rate: how many participants visited this section
  • Average clicks: how many clicks, on average, in this section
  • Average time to complete: average time spent by participants in this section
  • Section averages vs. total test averages: the average emotion scores for this section, compared to the average scores of the total test.


For each section, all the neurofeedback that is related to that section is gathered on the bottom of the page. By selecting a page, and an emotion you can quickly analyse the users emotions for this section, and find improvement opportunities.

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