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Test status

What are test statuses and how to use them.
Written by Braingineer
Updated 1 year ago

In the 'All tests' section, after you login, you'll see a list of all tests that are coming from you or your colleagues.  There are 4 statuses: 'draft', 'requested', 'in progress', and 'done'. But what do they mean?

Draft (pink)

When setting up a test via the 'create test' form, you will see two options on the bottom of the form. One is to request the test, and one is to save the test as draft. This means it will be saved and shown in your overview of all tests as draft and you or a colleague can continue working on it on a later moment. These will be shown with a pink label, and you can filter on them using the filters on top.

Requested (orange)

When you've created a new test and clicked 'request test' from the form, you will notice that test will be marked as 'requested' in the tests overview. This means one of our researchers is going to take a look at your requested test in preparation to begin performing the test. 

In progress (blue)

When a test has been checked by our researchers, they will accept your test and move on to scheduling the participants and performing the tests. You will be automatically updated when your results are in!

Done (green)

Once we've gathered all the data for your test for your participants, we will update your test to be marked as 'Done' and you, and your colleagues, will have immediate access to the online report. 

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