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The insights page gives you an overview of the most important findings of your test. These insights are generated by a consultant based on a thorough analysis of the data and the areas of focus. 

Insights overview

On the overview page you'll find a list of insights, a short summary of the insights and the number of supporting data points (number of significant points and number of participants involved). When you click on one of the insights, you get detailed information about that insight.


First of all, you see a highlight on top of the page. Here you'll find the emotion involved in the finding, a screenshot of the page and a striking quote of one of the participants. It will give you a quick idea of what the finding entails. 


Below the highlight, you'll find the data insights. It give you information about the experienced emotion(s), eye tracking data and behavioural data of the participants. 

Explanation & suggestion

For each insight, an explanation is given for why we see certain things happening in the data. Based on the data insights and explanation, suggestions for improvement are given. These suggestions for improvement serve as input for A/B testing and optimisations. 

Supporting data

Below the insights page, there is a list of all the supporting data points. This list contains all the significant points with corresponding neurofeedback related to an insight.

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