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Learn how you can add new members to Brainpeek.
Written by Braingineer
Updated 2 years ago

It is possible to give colleagues access to Brainpeek yourself if you are a company admin. The company admin is usually the main stakeholder or contract holder of your company. You can see whether you are a company admin in the 'account' section of the dashboard. 

If you are not a company admin, please go to 'Organisation' and see who the primary contact person is. He or she is the company admin and can add new members or change a member into a company admin.

If you are a company admin, take the following steps:

1) Login to the dashboard

2) Go to 'Members'

3) Click on '+ Add a new member'

4) Fill in the email + the role of the new member. Choose between Member or Company admin:

Member = regular user
Company admin = has rights to add new members 

5) Click on 'Add member'

6) The new member will receive an email with details on how to confirm his/her account.

You are done! 

If you experience any issues, our chat is live 5 days a week. 

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