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Essential vs. Professional for Video tests

Find out the differences between the two types of tests.
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Essential Professional
1 Video tested 1 Video tested
10 Participants data 10 Participants data



Summary Summary
Scenes Scenes
Dynamic analysis Dynamic analysis

Qualitative feedback &

Qualitative feedback & 
Analysis conducted
by consultant
5 Scene insights
Video optimization
Presentation of data insights &

When creating a new test, we offer two types of tests: Essential test or Professional test.

Professional tests are complemented with consultancy hours, and this includes an analysis and presentation of insights and suggestions on five scenes by a Braingineers consultant. 

Essential tests are delivered with the data of all participants, and shown and analyzed automatically in the Video test features.

All features will be highlighted below, so you can make your own informed decision:


The summary page shows the overall scores of the participants. The video shows an aggregated heatmap which shows you which parts of your video draw the attention.

If you choose a professional test:

Our consultants will summarize their insights and suggestions on this page, making it an executive summary.


The scenes page helps you analyze the scenes by showing the emotion data, heatmap and neurofeedback per scene. 

If you choose a professional test:

Our consultants will analyze all data of the test and report their insights on this page per scene. Based on the data, and their expertise, suggestions will be given to improve the impact and effectiveness of your video.

Dynamic analysis

This feature let's you pick a timeframe in your video, and shows the subconscious impact of that timeframe. For example, when the few seconds at the end show your brand, you'd like to have high attention levels and low frustration levels.

For your selection timeframe, the neurofeedback will be shown below.


The moments page automatically shows you the moments in the video where participants experienced significant increases in emotions or eye movements. Click through them to see which part it is, where people look and the related neuro feedback from the participants.

Qualitative feedback

The Qualitative feedback page shows the group scores on the Associations, Evaluations and Open questions that are discussed with the participant after doing the test. 


A participants is presented a default list of associations, complemented with max. 5 associations setup by you in random order. The participant is asked to choose max. 5 associations they find match your video.


The participant will give a 1 to 5 score on 5 evaluation questions: 

- Do you feel that the video fits { Your Brand } ?
- How likely is it that you would share this video to a friend or colleague?
- To what extent do you find the message of the { Your Brand } clear?
- To what extent do you find the video distinctive from other brands within the category { Your Brand Category }?
- To what extent does this video encourage you to take action, for example 'going to the website'?

If you choose a professional test:

You'll get additional comments to these questions given by the participants and see the individual answers in relation to other scores and data.


If you choose a professional test:

Our consultants will analyze your test data, and will provide you: 

- 5 Scene insights
- Video optimization suggestions
- Presentation of results

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