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Test overview

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Scenario, device and consultant summary

The scenario is described as the task for the participants during this test. The scenario is explained by the researcher to the participant, and the participant read it by him or herself to gain full understanding of the task.

The device on this test was desktop. The other option is a mobile test.

The consultant summary will be included in this card. Your consultant will do an extensive analysis on all the data in your test report, and combines new and high-level insights in the user experience. The PDF with these insights will be downloadable in this card and is easy to share.

Overall scores

These scores give the average emotion levels for the participants in the test. Green indicating the average level of ‘joy’, yellow indicating the average level of ‘attention’ and red indicates the average level of ‘frustration’. 

These scores can be compared with a re-test after you have added changes in the design. Of course keep in mind that to be able to compare, you will need to keep the test setup the same.


This card shows the data regarding the participant demographics, and their average behavior, like average clicks and time to complete. With the link on the right top corner, you can view the recordings of the participants with their screen recording, eye tracking, emotions and neurofeedback. 


This card shows you the top 3 frustrating elements within the tested flow. With the link on right top corner you can view all the elements and their impact on the emotional experience.


The highest scoring sections on Frustration, Joy and Attention are shown here. By clicking 'view all sections' you will be redirected to an overview of all sections on the Sections page. 

Section insights

For Frustration, you can see here which pages have had the most impact on the user experience. These pages indicate bottlenecks, and require deeper analysis which you may find by clicking on the sections, or going to 'view all insights'. Read more.

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