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Tests page

An overview of all your tests
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Tests page


The main menu contains links to: 

  • Tests (this page)
  • Organisation: tests available, contact persons, contract and company details. Read more
  • Members: add, edit or remove members in your company. Read more
  • Account: your personal account info. Read more
  • Support: a direct link to this knowledge base, containing support articles and tutorials

Create new test

The first card is the 'create new test'-button. Clicking this button will lead you to the create new test form, where you can request a new test. 

Search & filters

Use the search bar to search for a test name or for all the tests that have been requested by you, or a colleague. The filters can be used to only see tests that are in draft, requested, in progress, or done. Read more on the test statuses

Test cards

Each card represents one test, and contains some information about the test specifically:

  • The test name: 'Expedia'
  • The status: 'Done'
  • The type of test: 'Essential'
  • The name of the requester: 'Demo Demo'
  • The date it's last updated: 'Updated on 18/12/19'
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