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Introduction to Brainpeek dashboard

The most important elements described.
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Emotions and significant points

Increases in the three emotions (frustration, joy, and attention) are marked by a circle called significant point. 

Screen recording and eye tracking

For each participant there is a screen recording of their behavior during the test. On this recording you’ll see red dots, which represent the eye movements of the participant. Learn more about participant recordings.


The significant points are complemented with feedback from the participant, after the test was performed. 


Every neurofeedback will be tagged with the related element. In the Elements page you will see an overview of all elements and their neurofeedback. Learn more on Elements.


Average emotions scores based on 10 participants are calculated for each section. The Sections page will show you an overview of the top 10 sections. Learn more on Sections.

Section insights

The Section insights page provides more in-depth statistics such as: section performance, average emotions, clicks and time to complete. Learn more on Section insights. 

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